Attraction is normal, but what next?

Some guys are really good at talking to girls and ask them out but here is some advice for shy guys who don’t feel comfortable while talking to a woman and feel less confident.

Don’t worry shy guys, I have been to your place and succeeded to date the girl which I liked and eventually married to my let’s start with the 10 Flirting tips for shy guys.

Eye Contact

When you make eye contact with another person, it transmits a message to them that you are attracted and also made you look confident at the same time.

The right way to do it for shy guys

Make an eye contact, hold her gaze for a moment or two and the look away from her.

Next time when you hold her gaze, then notice something for which you want to compliment her.

women spend plenty of time on her choices like footwear, bags, nail-paint. Notice Something and make sure she knows this and then look away.

She is definitely going to think about you.She goes crazy for this, next time when she is in front of you, make sure she notices you first.


Everyone loves a smiling face, girls, too.

This one is most important for you shy guys because what we do when she looks at us, we look away.

Don’t you dare to look away this time, Looks at her because she is looking at you.

So come on give her smile.It also makes you open and approachable.

Dress sharp

For me its a  lifestyle, dressing sharp makes you feel good and attractive.

Always wear clean and ironed clothes, buy a bunch of leather shoes.They make you stand tall and you feel confident while walking.

Groom Your self

Grooming is most important, not just the way you look but also the way you speak, walk and behave.

Take care of your hairs and beard.

Give Compliment to Her

My friend, now you have made your impression.Be ready for the next step, because this one put you out of the crowd.

So come on,  give a compliment to her on the choices she made.If she feels comfortable, you might win a conversation with her, make it interesting.

Ask Her Out

Now she knows you, Ask her out.

But don,t be so hurried, let her be comfortable with you.As you feel, its okay to ask her out. Go for it.

Take her to a good fine dine and make it perfect.She might have a scope of your future soul mate.

Open Door for her

I once heard from a friend(girl) of mine that chivalry is missing these in boys, so don’t forget this open door for her and pull a chair for her, show her that you are the gentleman that she was always looking.My friends, she is going to remember this thing for a long time.

Make Her  Laugh

so now you took her out, research some topics to talk and some wonderful jokes to make her laugh.Here you can make a scope for a future next date.

Pay the bill

And the most important thing, always pay the bill.Trust me she is looking a future life-mate in you.Don’t ruin your chances here, so all the best.


I hope you might like this read, please let me know if you like the post.if you did not understand something, please feel free to ask.

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