Dating is a whole process of knowing about your partner’s liking and disliking. Discovering new things about each other every day is a part of dating but some find it difficult as they try to adjust according to their partner’s lifestyle which is sweet, but sometimes when your partner possess certain traits like they love reading books so it becomes little difficult for the person who doesn’t read.
But no worries love birds as today we are going to disclose some secrets that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with book worms. As a reader or book lover is very imaginative with numerous thoughts constantly running in their mind it gets difficult to connect with them but by understanding little about their personality, one can find a great bond with a book lover.

11 tricks to WO about your book lover partner!

1. The first step in every relationship is to know each other, so if your partner likes reading then it doesn’t mean that he or she reads anything that they find. So try to ask them about what category they like to read. Never assume that if your partner is female then she only reads romance and male are reading action only. Never judge a book by its cover. You never know the choice of person so tries to understand their preference for reading.

2. They are great sniffers. Sorry for double meaning but apparently many book lovers claim that they love to sniff their books as they love the smell of paper. That trait may look weird to an outsider but it has sentimental values to them.

3. Whenever they are reading any book never disturb them. they might not like the outcome of it. Especially if they are reading a book for quite long time and about to reach the end, then you are inviting world war three to occur.

4. They are the easiest persons to please as they love to stay in their own world that they have created for themselves. So if your planning for a date night then a simple take away food will go for them as long as you both cuddle in the end with their favourite book on the couch. Just with this simple night, they are satisfied as they don’t like to go out because reading while cuddling is optimum bliss for them.

5. Book lovers don’t mind getting bankrupt while buying their favourite book. So never tries to stop them and never say that they already had so many books so why to buy more, that’s a big no-no if you are dating a serial reader as they cherish each of they has purchased. Never interfere with them and their book.

6. If your partner is currently fantasying about the latest book character they had read don’t feel offended as it’s just a character and they will forget it as they start to read another book. So no need to get jealous over a fiction character as your partner has some fantasy created by some other person that they are just infatuated with.

7. It’s very easy to buy a gift for them. The vouchers from Amazon or from their favourite bookstore will make them happy. If by any chance you can get them the copy of their favourite author signed the book or the first edition of the book then your their God and they will be so happy that you might get lucky that night.

8. Never complaints about the number of books they had and how they are scattered all over the house. You can say that baby let me buy you a new cabinet to sort your books that will really score you a Brownie point.

9. If you had watched a movie made from a book and get ready for a big discussion. The movie may be good but that doesn’t matter to them as they are going to say the book was better so like a good lover you have to agree to that and critics the movie.

10. When your going for vacation then be prepared for the one bag of books as they claim they want to read in peace. So don’t complaint if possible put some of their books in your bag for your partner.

11. Don’t get upset over that they are reading before the bed and do not switch off the lights. Be little patience as every book lover will spend a little time in their imaginative world before going to the slumbering land.

I hope fell as that now you will be able to understand the book lover and if you have one as your partner then follow these points as rules. You will be able to connect to them and your relationship will bloom into something more meaning full.

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