Today individuals do not just visit a coffee shop to sip from a cup of coffee. The coffee shops these days have become a trend. If you wish to relax yourself, or spend some good quality time with friends, or if you are going out for a date, a café can be the best place to hang out.
If you are somewhere in Delhi or in NCR region, you are blessed to have a number of café available here. Among various coffee shops available, here are some of the most amazing coffee shops that you may love hanging out in.

1. United Coffee House, Connaught Place

This is one of the oldest coffee houses here in Delhi. It was started in the year of 1942 and it is famous for serving the amazing South Indian filter coffee and Cona coffee.

2. Fursat Se – Shahpur Jat

If you are an artist such as a writer, then this is the exact place for you. You can think about a new character of you novel or can complete an article over a cup of strong coffee here.

3. Bizi Bean Coffee – Gurgaon and GK1

It is said that if an individual visits this particular place once, he or she becomes an addict to the coffee served here.

4. Another Fine Day – Gurgaon

This café provides you the perfect luxury of morning tea or coffee. Along with your cup of coffee or tea, you can also flip the pages of any of the books available at the café library.

5. Anandini Himalayan Tea – Shahpur Jat

If you wish to try out the exclusive flavors of the Himalayan flowers and herbs, then this is the best place to explore. You get tea that has been hand prepared exclusively by the workers here.

6. Too Mikki Tapas – Chanakyapuri

If you are tired of the regular tea flavor and wish to try some twists, then you should try this place once. They serve herbal tea with a French or Russian twist. Also the chocolate truffle bubble tea is their one of the most popular items in the list.

7. Just For Chai – Gurgaon

You wish to taste some of the most exotic tea flavor in a dhaba style, and then this is the place that you have been searching since long. They can offer you a wide range of choices such as chai nawabi, Gudwali chai, Kashmiri Kahwa and many others that you name.

8. Elma’s Tea Room – Hauz Khas Village

If you visit this place, you not only get addicted by the variety of tea and coffee options available but also the variety of sweets and savories offered along with the brews.

9. Passion – Saket

If sitting at a single place and drinking your coffee is not your type, and then it is sure that this is the place you should visit. Whether it is tea, cold coffee or the famous cardamom latte, you can enjoy your brew by walking past the café in the greenery around.

10. T’pot Café – Malviya Nagar

If you are not much of a coffee lover and more into tea options, then this café is the best place for you. This can be a traditional way of enjoying different brews of tea over gupshup along with friends and family members.

11. The Tea Place By Manjushree – Saket

People who wish to enjoy exotic tea options within the luxury of beautiful interiors of the Parisian rooms. The experience here is royal and you can enjoy some of the most amazing tea options such as the ulong tea and others.

12. Sancha Tea Boutique – Chanakyapuri

Once you come to this place, you will surely recommend it to some other friends also. It is a boutique shop that is known to provide a proper experience of art of tea.

13. Kunkum Travel Café – Hauz Khas Village

This is one of the best places known for a perfect date. Enjoy the warmth of the coffee mug along with the warmth of your growing relationship.

14. Aap ki Pasand – Daryaganj

This particular café is available from pre independence. As you walk from the Red Fort, you can reach at this particular café where you will be able to enjoy as many as 35 tea varieties among which you can select the one that you think will suit you the most.

15. Do Ghent Café – Gurgaon

This particular café is known to offer the best coffee of the city. The best thing that you enjoy here is that you can experience your sip of coffee along with some of the most delicious snack items available here.

16. Everest Café – Paharganj

This is the perfect place for people who are carefree and wish to have a time for them alone. Not a very big place, this café can still accommodate more than 10 people inside. Apart from the best strong coffee, you can also enjoy honey lemon tea out here.

17. Chill & Chai – Khirki Extension

If someone is there are the Khoj International Arts Association, the visiting this place may become a mandatory thing. Not just tea and coffee options, but also the café offers various tasty food items.

18. Rose Café – Saket

A family restaurant type environment is what can describe this café. A beautiful interior along with decent seating style welcomes the guests to offer a range of various herbal teas with a French twist.

19. Ivy & Bean – Shahput Jat

Anybody can fall in love with this place where you get pampered by the butter cookies offered along with the coffee. The coffee cups can be also accompanied with books available in the café.

20. Ssongchee – GK 2

A Korean started this café where you can enjoy some of the best Ditch coffees. Surely if you are a lover of the Dutch taste and flavor, you will drop in here surely the next time.
So, Delhi and NCR is full of some of the most amazing café houses. Next time whether it is a date or just a casual hangout, try out a place among these mentioned names and surely you will have a great time.

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