20 Business Ideas with Small Investment in 2017

Earning is necessary for everyone so that he or she can fulfill his basic needs. Everyone is curious to know more opportunities that can enhance their skill, knowledge, social status and as well as reputation. Today, everyone wants to be an employer, he wants to a boss of himself and also want a regular income. The bit when it comes to implementing your thoughts in reality and starting your own business, we all get depressed because starting a business means a requirement of heavy capital. We all have limited resources so it’s really difficult task to collect a huge amount of your business. So, today we will tell you 20 business ideas that you can start with the small investment. So here we go:-

1. Online Marketing Service

Online marketing helps other business to establish and attract more customers for them. Online marketing helps a business to access customer of the global market and bring more profits to a business. So, earn by making other business visible on the internet. And if we talk about an investment you just need a system and an active internet connection which I feel that most of us already have.

2. Pet Care

Most of the families are having a pet family member in their home. A family spends money on their pet with the same happiness as they are spending money on any other family member. From last two decade, it has been seen a rise in the amount spend on pet care. so, if you love then there is a career for you in pet care. You just have to spend time in taking care of other’s pet. For this you don’t need to have a degree in veterinary neither there is the requirement of any big amount required for office furniture or interior.

3. Smartphone Repair

Today every one of us is having a smartphone with them. The smartphone is very important for everyone. And when smartphone get damaged or stop working, it brings so much frustration and a situation of emergency that all of we want to repair it soon. So, he is the earning opportunity for you. You can open a business of repairing Smartphone and another simple phone. It doesn’t require heavy investment as you just need to buy a simple tool kit for repairing the mobile phone.

4. Sell homemade products online

Homemade products always get the high score in tasting, hygiene, and flavors in compare to other branded products. you can sell the homemade product online through various online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can make jam, marmalade, candies and cookies.

5. Food van

If you enjoyed cooking and people praise about the food you cook. Then you can opt this as a profession. You can make a food van and sell fresh and hot food to people. A food van is less expensive as compare to a restaurant.

6. Mobile Saloon

People of older age cannot walk long to go to saloon shop. So you can open a saloon with mobility. Here you need to go to the home of the person and provide them your services.

7. Your Pizza is Here

Who says that pizza is an Italian food? Yes, we know that pizza is Italian food but now its liked by everyone and reached in every nation. Its favorite snack of many of us and also give you a chance to enter in cheesy and tasty business. You can start your own pizza shop where you can make and sell fresh pizza.

8. Blogging Business

Blogging seems to be the most profitable business in today world. As you just have to write catchy and interesting contents and post it the blog. The more traffic on your blog means more profit you will have.

9. Write contents

This is somewhat similar to blogging but here you do not need to wait for generating more traffic and then earn from it. You just need to write contents on the topic or keywords provided. Once you finished the article you will be paid for it.

10. Sell service online

If you possess any skill of professional knowledge than you can earn just by providing advice on the matters. The most common online service are providing legal advice, health advice, tax advice or investment advice.

11. Gardening

This profession will bring you more close to nature. If gardening is your hobby or you feel you have the skill to nourish and raise plants. Then you can adopt gardening as your profession. You can also go to local farmer market and sell your gardening products. And you can also give advice to other to nourish their plants.

12. Soap making

Soap making is an easy process and you just need few ingredients to make soap. You can make soap with various scents and sell them to your local market and you can also sell them on an online store.

13. Video blog with YouTube

We all love to watch and share a video on YouTube, but this experience will be joyful if we earn by sharing a video. But this time you need to post your own video. Creating a video is very job as we can create a quality video from our mobile, laptop and camera. But try to make the video on a topic of people’s interest so, that it can grab more views and likes.

14. Laundry and ironing service

We all have clothes but most of the time our schedule is so busy that we did not find time to wash or iron them. To avoid the situation of unclean clothes we prefer to choose a laundry service. and you can opt this is your profession

15. Brewery

We all prefer to spend an evening in taking rest, watching television with a fine quality beer. You can start making your own homemade beer and sell it to your known and anybody who interested to buy it.

16 . Makeup artist

Whether it’s a wedding, Halloween or any other event, people pays a high amount of their makeup. So, if you have the skill to do makeover then it’s very easy otherwise, you first need to learn the skill or do a professional course for opting it as the profession.

17. Be a photographer

If you do possess the skill of taking the great shot of pictures and then photography is right profession for you and you don’t need to invest too much. All you need to have a good camera and start your business.

18. Amazon seller

If a lot of people can make living by selling products on Amazon than why can’t you

19. App developer

People are addicted to their mobile. Most of the time when someone is free he would like to spend time with his mobile. So, you can develop some cool and useful app for mobile and earn from it

20. Computer repair and maintenance provider

Most of us are having a personal computer. It’s equal importance as our mobile. So you can be a computer repair and maintenance provider and start earning from it.

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