A girl who always reads may look like a loner, unsociable and even weird. But you cannot “Judge a book by its cover” is it not? If your girlfriend is a reader, you will know what I am talking about. But here are 9 more reasons to date a girl who is a bibliophile.

1. You will become a “Hero”

Have you ever imagined yourself as a ‘hero’? Well if you date a book lover, you will become a hero, to be precise, you will be her hero. A girl, especially with a fiction book in her hand is an all-time dreamer. Reading people always tend to write their life story, if not they definitely will imagine their own life as a story, like a fiction and for your girl you will be the hero.

2. There is no problem of searching for a gift

May it be her birthday or Christmas, name an occasion and I will suggest an easy option for a gift. ‘Books’- are the best gifts for your bookworm girl. You will get no need to search for pleasing gifts or run to a bouquet shop. A small (easily portable) book your choice will always make her happy and jump in joy.

3. A lot of things to talk about

If you want to talk something and have no idea about what topic to choose, you can just ask about her recent book. and I am sure there would be no time to discuss anything else for the whole day. She will be an excellent storyteller for you. No dates will be left unspoken or silent. And the good part is all the things discussed will be valuable, or worth talking about.

4. You don’t have to worry about being late for a date

If you are late, you don’t have to worry for after effects of being late, or to make her wait somewhere. She will probably carry an unfinished book with her always and engage herself until you come. She wouldn’t be angry or bother to scold you either because for her it’s a time well spent and not waiting impatiently.

5. She will be patient and understand with no need for conversation

If there is something wrong and you wanted to explain yourself, she will be a good listener and she can imagine what must be the reason for you to behave in an odd way, because bookish people are always good at trying to fit them in others shoes as they have the habit of becoming the characters they read in the book. Thus, no misunderstanding will probably occur or will last longer. When you just wanted to be understood and not asked for an explanation, there comes your book loving girlfriend as a savior. She won’t need you to tell your situation, your body language, face and the silence is more than enough for her to understand your pains and sadness. There is nothing you could possibly hide from her, but you don’t have to worry because with her your secret is safe and well accepted.

6. She is inquisitive and appreciative

Being a voracious reader, your girl will always be curious to know about you and the people around you. She will tend to appreciate all good things that you do and even understand your family. She always finds good reasons to be with you and support you as she knows what it would exactly be to be felt alone from her books. She will accept every part of you and everyone in your life like she accepted the plentiful characters she came across while reading.

7. She will be more romantic

All the fantasies she learned from the books will not go wasted. She will be a romantic partner in every aspect. She will make you happy and surprise you by various imaginations. She would write a poem for you or sing a song for your birthday; she may even create special things for you, which even you would not have imagined.

8. No need of Dressing up

If you are lazy to dress up or if it’s your nature to be in your sweatpants always, don’t worry, for you have earned the best company in the form your girlfriend. She may probably never see what you wear and even if you bath mostly. For her, the time and love you give her will the most valuable thing ever. She doesn’t bother about her looks; all she cares will be for your attitude and character.

9. She will chase dreams with you

Being a dreamer herself she will never demotivate you. She will be an awesome encouragement and provide good ideas for your venture. She will be adventurous enough to try new things and places with you, as she always wants you to enjoy things and the places that she read about. She knew dreams are not always about money but you and your goals, just like the objectives she has for herself.
For her falling in love is mysterious and mystical just like from her books and hence if you date her you will be the most loved character ever.

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