Nutrients are molecules in food that need to make energy, grow, develop, and reproduce. These nutrients break down after digestion in order to produce energy. Our body need them to function in a normal way. Our body cannot make them by its own so we have to eat those things that provide all nutrients. There are two main types of nutrients.


This category consist of three type of nutrients carbohydrate, protein, and fat


This category consists of two types of nutrients vitamins and minerals.

Let’s have look at the most essential nutrients and their functions


Human body can survive without food for many days but it cannot survive without water. Water is the most crucial nutrients for our body. Water supplies all the nutrients to different body parts. Water also helps our body to remove waste that our body produce. Water also helps our brain to be fresh and active. It maintains the hydration level of our body. A human body should consume 4-5 litter water in a day.


Carbohydrate is the most important nutrient to produce fuel for our body. Carbohydrates make 40-60 percent calories daily. We can get Carbohydrate from fruits, breads and grains, starchy vegetables and sugars.


fats are usually imagined as a bad rap. But experts say that healthy fats are very important for your body. Fat is also works as a support of your body system just like other nutrients do. Fat Helps in blood clotting, building cells. Fats stores energy for our body and whenever our body require it release this energy slowly. 30% of our total diet should be fat. It helps us to produce hormones. Source of fats are nuts, avocado and olive oil, butter, cheese, red meat, and ice cream.


Protein is important for health especially for those who are physic conscious. Protein work for building block of our body. In our body from bone to skin to hair, is made up of protein. Protein is what our body need to make tissues and structure of our body. Our body need different type of amino acids. Some of them are made by our body and some of them can be taken from food. Protein is made up of different amino acids. Protein is highly available in fish, milk products ,meat, eggs.


Vitamins are helpful in increasing your immunity power and keep you healthy. There are total 13 vitamins that need by a human body. Each vitamin plays important role and should be taken properly in regular diet. We can have vitamins from a balanced diet that would include vegetables, fruits, grains ,bread and milk products.


Minerals are responsible for building strong bones and teeth, metabolism, and to keep our body hydrated. calcium, iron, and zinc are the most common minerals that our body needs. Minerals like Sodium helps to maintain volume outside of the cells and helps cells to function normally. Bananas, tomatoes and potatoes are the rich sources of Minerals.

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