Fashion and Polo

Summer is good time until its really hot outside.Because its a time to play with classic pieces of fashion.Here, in this post I am concerned about polo tee shirts.I personally love wearing them.They give you freedom to wear them like casuals and as well as formal,to the accurate, I mean to say semi formal.

Lines are must, must,  fashion essential of your wardrobe.They look classy and sophisticated, I love wearing these patterns and the feel they give me is something i can’t  describe.Not because of that I don’t have words because  its the white and black that really give me a feeling of calm,confidence, cool.

To complete this look I took blue chinos, brown belt ,sometime a formal one and loafers shoes.If  I  talk about personal style its completely about comfort.I personally want to thank the person who invent the idea of chino pants.

The sunglasses I am wearing is called club master.They often come from so many brands.I love the way they look on my face.Again loafers are the one of the remarkable invention in fashion industry.The idea of shoes with out laces excites me.They look good below to chinos and gives you classic style.

You might be think why messy hairs,so i want to tell you, this place is ten kilometers from my hometown ,We went on bullet bike and I had no helm-ate to wear so I hope you understand ;).We went there to have this shoot and it was fun.

As you might know I love coffee or you can say a coffee addict, I won’t mind and these are the things generally I take with me where ever I go.Reading makes you better and coffee inspires you to do more.



I hope you like the post, please let me know in comments, I love to hear from your side.

Thanks and Love,


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