What is Google Analytics and How to Install?

Before following the installation process, we have to know about the Google Analytic. It is the type of dashboard that enables you to track your whole site by using the Google Analytics tracking code through which you can view your Google Analytics stats in WordPress install. If you want to get know about your traffic that is residing on your business site, then the best way is through the Google Analytics which is totally free of cost.

Why is it important?

It is important to install the Google Analytic for all the bloggers to engage more and more traffic and subscribers. Google Analytics help you to make accurate decisions by knowing all the status of the website.

How to install Google Analytics?

There are numerous ways to install Google Analytics on WordPress. But we will suggest you the right one.

Simple Way: Install By Monsterlnsights

It is one of the most popular google Analytic plugin made for WordPress. It is one of the easiest and best ones to add Google Analytics to WordPress. Very firstly, you have to install and activate this plugin. Om the activation of this plugin, it will add the new menu item named ‘Insights’ to your WordPress admin menu. After that go to the settings to configure all the plugin settings and at last click on the ‘Autneticate with your Google Account’ button to connect the Google Analytic. This will show the pop where you have to authenticate with your Google account. After that click on next and enter on the ‘Click to get the Google code and finally click on ‘Allow’ button, it will show you some code which you have enter in the blank space and again click on next. After that select the profile which you want to track.

Other Ways: Through Headers And Footer Plugin/ Installing in Theme

This installing process is not as good as the above one because you have not to do advanced tracking and the Google Analytics will not show on your dashboard. Installing Google Analytics in the theme is meant for the advanced users who loves coding. So to get a simple way, choose Monsterlnsights.

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