It may be possible that you are productive enough in your work but there is always a scope of improvement. And one should keep working on those tricks that increase one’s productivity. There are many tips to increase your productivity you can follow in your daily routine.If you want to make every hour of your day useful then have a look some top most ways to utilize your time in best way and be the most productive one.

Plan you’re Day

Spend 5-10 min to plan the day. Make a check/to-do list of all the things you need to complete. Don’t make the list so long that could not be completed. Make it enough for the day. After making this list set them in priority order. Start working according to this list and cross the completed one time to time to get an idea how much work is left.

Do One Thing At A Time

Do not try to be multitasking as it may create difficulty for a simple task. Complete one task and then go for another one. If you are doing some task that require focus don’t do it simultaneously with any other task.

Decide a time limit/Deadline

Decide a deadline for yourself. Give yourself a small target to complete a particular task in particular time and give your best efforts to complete it in given target.

Take Break

Have 10-15 minutes breaks after sometime in between your work. Taking break can actually improve your focus towards work and it also help to make you consistence in your performance.

Avoid Distraction

Heavy noise or chit chat with your colleagues may lead to lose your focus. You can play some mild light music in background but not the rock or loud music. Soft music will help to maintain your concentration.

Keep You Workplace Clean

Having a lot of stuff at your work place or table would make things messy. Just have the necessary things around you while working just like your laptop,dairy,pen,glass of water.

Make Notes For Everything

Whenever you get a new task or something click into your mind just write it down somewhere. You can check this list time to time. This list may consist some task that can be done in your break time. You can carry a pen and a pocket dairy for this purpose.
Get Enough Sleep: Continuous working may chock your brain sometime. Go to bed on time and have enough sleep so that you can start your next day with a fresh mind. Starting your day with a fresh mind would surely increase your productivity.

Get a Guide and Talk About Your Goals

You must take some advice from an experienced person. Talking about your short term and long term goal with others can help your mind to remember the thing you need to do. Apart from that your mind will keep on working on those things that will help you to achieve your goals in time.

Reward Yourself

If you complete your target within the time or have crossed all the task of your to-do list than it’s the time to reward you for this small achievement. Treat yourself with chocolate or any meal you like. Rewarding yourself would be great as it will encourage you to keep your efforts going on.

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