How to Install WordPress on Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap, a leading domain name registrar and popular web hosting company that provides complete service, security, and support to your business name. It is a perfect doorstep for your domain name of the website. In order to install WordPress on Namecheap, you have an access to a cPanel account. You can also track out the following installation steps one by one.

Step No. 1 Get login to cPanel

The first step that you have to follow is to login into the cPanel page which is provided by the Namecheap through your username or password.

Step No.2 Open Softaculous Apps Installer

After entering into the cPanel home screen, you have to find out the drop-down menu that comes under the list “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click on the arrow of gray color to expand the whole menu.


Step No.3 Move on WordPress Installation Page

On the expanding the “Softaculous Apps Installer”, you will get the script section which consists of small icons, through which you will go to the WordPress installation page.

Step No.4 Start Installation Process

On WordPress installation page, click on the button “install” that is situated near the upper part of your screen.

Step No.5 Follow the Installation settings

After the installing, it asks for the installation settings which you have to modify like:

  • When you asked for choose Protocol, then you have to select option start with http://
  • At the place of the domain name, you have to select the domain name which you want to install on WordPress.
  • In the directory, you have to delete the “wp” which is already mentioned in the blank.
  • Final your database name which you can leave it as the default.

Thereafter, you have to cover database settings where the option of “table prefix” which you can leave as default. Then your site settings where you asked for the site name, description and enable the multisite option. After that fix your admin name, password and email and check for all the advanced options.

StepNo.6 Install the WordPress

Step No.7 Finally go to the WordPress Admin page and also bookmark this page so you can login in a simple way.

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