How to make money from blog

Everyday wants to earn money. Most of the people dreams of earn more and more regular income with less effort and blogging is given a platform to earn more money with less investment and doing simple tasks. So, we all know blog is an easy way to earn money but most of us did not know how it will earn money.  There may be a lot of person who have already started a blog but they are still searching for way to earn money from it.

Today we will learn the way to make money from blog. So, we will go step by step and learns how to make money from blog.

Set up your blog

First of all you need to setup your blog. You should start by picking up a good domain name for your blog as a domain name should not be changed once it’s chosen. You can change the domain hosting provide but you can’t change the domain name so, choose it wisely that users will easily recall your’s blog name.

Once you have finalized the domain name, and then setup a wordpress on your blog. WordPress is easy to use, provide flexibility and also provide easy setup for mobile responsive. Thereafter you need to create blog posts, separate blog pages and adding images to your blog.

Create useful contents for blogs 

As your blog setup is complete, now it’s time to pour spirit in your blog. Write useful and unique content for your blog.  When you write content on a topic, describe the topic name or title using such a words that can attract more visitors to your blog. Always tries to find new blog topics, because people usually give more importance to new topic or they prefer to learn something new. You should be concerned to write in way that it gets more attention.

Establishing your blog and start finding readers

Your blog is full of quality contents now your real task began. You need to grab attention for your blogs that people visit on your blog. You can grow traffic on your blog through guest posting and creating content for other blogs, forums, media and events. You can socialize your blog post as people spend more time on social media. So if you share your blog and content link on social media than you can easily grab more attention.

Focus on building engagement with visitors

Try to write more on the topic relevant to current content on your blog. As if a visitor have once visited your blog he is likely to visit again for getting more information on the similar topic. You can also approach visitor for newsletter subscription and update subscription. So whenever you update a new post in your blog, all visitors will get emails from blog describing about new post. So this is some of the common way in which you can build more customers.

Site optimization

This is another step to get more traffic for your blog. This is a way where we use some technical strategies to attract more traffic to our blog. SEO is one of the way in which we can make our blog more visible and friendly to search engines. You can install Google analytic tracking to your blog, split testing on your blog or wordpress site with Google website optimizer, selecting keywords for Google adwords. SEO, Google analytics, Google trends, proper selection of keyword will make your site more visible in search results on search engines.

Making money from blog

This may appears to last step in the list but actually this is our prime motto in creating a blog. From setting blog to promoting your blog, we all do in order to generate revenue from it. There are many way to generate revenue from a blog.

  • CPC and CPM

You can start with placing ads on your blog. There are two types of popular ad first is CPC/PPC ads. Cost per click ads are banners that that are displayed in content or sidebar. When a reader click on and ad, you are get paid for it. Second is CPM ads. CPM ads pay you a fixed cost per 100 impressions.

You can place these ads in your blog with the help of Google adsense. All you need to do is just signup for Google ad sense with your Google accounts.

  • Sell private ad space

You can also sell private ads in your blog. But initially we won’t recommend you to sell private ads in your blog. Because in starting phase of blog we cannot assume a high traffic so no buyer will come to you for placing their ads on your blog. But once your blog is established you can sell private ads space on your blog and advertisers will come directly to you to place their ads on your blog.

You can also sell sponsorship space in your newsletters and videos.

  • Affiliate marketing links on blog

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetizing a blog. But first of all you need to understand that how it works. Affiliate marketing gives you a commission on each made by your blog. In affiliate marketing and advertiser wants to sell a product and he ready to pays you a commission for each sale if its comes from your blog or website. Advertiser provides you a unique link that tracks your affiliate code. So, when a buyer used your link to buy a product, advertiser will be aware of it.

  • Sell digital products

Readers are addicted to reading. So if you find reader are likings your work and contents you can write your own eBooks, PDF file and sell them on your blog. And if you do not like to sell your content or you not have the one unique content to sell you can sell other’s digital products like eBook, online courses, images, video, apps, plug-in or themes.

  • Sell membership

However selling membership is not so common way as it’s a little difficult task to make reader agree to buy a membership. But still it works. Suppose if you are running an astrology blog than you can sell astrology membership or astrology report and assistance for one year.



These are the most proven way to earn money from your blog and many bloggers are earning thousand of dollar per month with the above tricks.

But marketing, selling and earning, all comes after quality so at first your priority should be on creating a quality content for your blog. It should be unique, catchy and able to grab attention of users. You can also check stories of other successful bloggers who are earning money from it.





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