Ways to quit smoking:
Tobacco is a drug, a killer. People who smoke have more chances of hitting by a disease and die earlier. People who start smoking and get addicted of it find it difficult to quit smoking.
If you want to quit smoking you need to be strong mentally. Will power must be very strong to quit smoking. So here are some ways to get over of this bad habit.

Decide date & time

Decide a fix date and time to quit smoking. Mark this date on calendar. Keep on reminding yourself that you are going to quit it. One more thing tries to decrease amount of tobacco intake from the marking date to the fixed date. Be strong about that you will not have a single drag even.

Avoid Triggers

triggers are those which lead you to think about smoking. Just like small breaks when you think of smoking, any stressful situation. May be while talking over phone or may be after lunch. So make sure that you don’t get in such a situation where you feel craving for smoking. In breaks or after lunch get engaged with something else. You can play some games or be busy in conversation with a friend who is non-smoker.

After 10 minutes trick

When you feel like smoking just keep thinking that you will go for it 10 minutes later. And get involved in such task which will take time. Go in a smoke free zone and keep yourself busy.

Change your eating/drinking habit

If you want to quit smoking you need to change your eating and drinking habits also. There are some eatable and beverages which increase craving for smoking like alcohol. Try to have more and more water, juice or coconut water.
Be in a non-smoker group: When you see someone smoking in front of you, you cannot resist one. So be around non-smokers. They will motivate and appreciate you to quit smoking.

Keep your mouth busy

Give your moth an alternative of tobacco. Many chew gums are available in market that is considered for those who wants to quit smoking. You can keep some dry fruits with you as well they are healthy and will keep your mouth busy.

Increase your physical activity

Exercise will be very helpful to quit smoking; physical activity will help you in distracting your mind. And when you feel to smoke start walking a bit fact.

Do not keep cigarettes anywhere

If you keep one or two somewhere for emergency case, you can never quit smoking. Just let that thing get out from everywhere. When you’ll have one you can may be go for another.

Ask a consular

If you find it really hard to quit smoking you can either consider a consultant or can join any online support. Joining an anti-smoking support will surely help you to overcome from this habit
Reward yourself in between and after the process: Once you quit smoking it may be possible that you start it again so promise yourself to quit tobacco forever and reward yourself in between. Like after one week of being a non-smoker treat yourself with your favourite food. Tell people that you are a non-smoker now. The appreciation will make you happy about quit smoking.

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