How to Set up WordPress Blog for the First time

If you are learning WordPress for the first time then it’s important to start from the basic steps. It is one of the best options to learn the WordPress as gives you the chance to have modern, easy-to-use website and achieve its extensive features to build a flexible site without learning code.

What WordPress means?

It is the type of CMS which is very quite simple to learn and easy to use. One can build fully functional websites and mobile applications with WordPress. It is an online and open source website developing tool that is completely written in PHP.

Why should one use WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms that are totally free, easy to use and add functionalities. With beautiful WordPress themes and styles, one can add feel to the website. There are numerous forums, blog posts, and a lot of support in designing the particular website.

After the successful installation of the WordPress, the next step that comes is how to set up WordPress Blog for the first time in the most secure manner. So get the guide for setting up the WordPress blog on the initial stage.

Step 1: Access your Domain Name

Domain name is very important part of every blog as your domain specifies your address on the web. Before spending money on a domain, there is need to set up host for your blog. When someone wants to access your blog, they simply go to your domain name. So it’s important to choose the right domain name for your blog.  Always choose a domain name that looks similar to your website. The domain name should be unique and memorable and never adds hyphens to your domain name. Always go for the top level domain extension. If you want to buy your domain name then may visit reputable online providers like or namecheap as one of the simpler way to purchase a domain name through web host provider.

Step 2: Choose Accurate web Host

It is necessary to choose the most reliable and affordable web hosting. When it comes to choosing the right web host, then the Site Ground is the best option for all. It is one of the cheapest solutions for all web hosting. Simply get signed up with the Site Ground, enter your account information as well as client information with complete information like name, address as well as the company. After that, enter your payment options and also confirm the plan information.


Step3: Installing WordPress

After buying your own domain name as well as web hosting, the nest step is to install the WordPress. This step is the crucial part of setting up WordPress Blog. To make easy, one can follow the option of “one-click install” is one of the most simple features that is used more by the web hosters. One can simply log into the SiteGround, then to the accounts, then to the cPanel button. After that scroll down and click on the WordPress icon and then click on install and enter the installing details. After that, click on the http:// protocol; select the domain name in which you want to install the WordPress. Continue the whole procedure and give your blog a particular name, site description, and admin username and password. After the installation gets completed, one can login to the site with its username and password.

Step 4: Numerous Plugins and Settings

Plugins make the WordPress more flexible and functional. One can simply install and activate the variety of functional plugins.

Social Media Plugins

On the platform of WordPress, one can also work on various social media plugins. You can access number social media plugins for your WordPress blog. Some of the best social media plugins are Digg Digg, Flare, ShareThis, and much more that are totally very easy to implement in WordPress and comes with plenty of options like social sharing buttons.

SEO Plugin

You can easily optimize your WordPress Site with one of SEO plugin which provides real-time content analysis and many more features and support. Yoast SEO is one of the examples of the SEO plugin that is highly used by the WordPress users. It is helpful in optimizing the content for all the pages.

How to install WordPress Plugin?

After logging into the WordPress dashboard, you can simply install the plugin for your WordPress blog. After that scroll down and you can easily see the list of plugins in the right sidebar. When you click on the plugin link, it will open the drop-down menu with more options like add new and add items that are relevant according to your site blog.

Step 5: Install the WordPress theme

After doing all the above stuff, one can install a theme of his choice for your WordPress blog. The theme should be totally unique and must relevant to the site’s view. By default, the theme will be Twenty Twelve Theme along with the host of other available themes.

How to install WordPress theme?

  • Firstly, login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Go on Appearance, then themes and finally click on Add new.
  • After that, there is an option of upload theme, browse the WordPress theme file.
  • Click on Install now, so that your theme gets installed on the server.

Hence, have the easiest way to setup your website in less code. One can save his time by picking up the option of built-in plugins and themes. You can get hundreds of designs, features, as well as support and choose the design, theme, domain name to build up a new future. All the latest features that you need, can be accommodated at the platform of WordPress easily.  One can gain the personalized stage to build websites and easy to remember the domain name. So, get impress your visitors in the most perfect and unique style by having the best collection of fonts, colors, add logo and custom CSS to build an attractive website for yourself.

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