Inspiring Navy

A personal style gives a feeling of worthiness.I personally believe when you look better, you feel better.When people recognize you from your personal style it gives boost to your self esteem.They admire you for your style and you can see that in their eyes.Making an impact on people should be your prime purpose.It feels wonderful when you leave some one inspired.

Inspiring Navy

Navy is my all time favorite color,I feel expensive in it and white is a combination like Icing on the cake.This is very iconic combination i am wearing .I generally never wear half sleeve shirts but for a change I thought lets give a try.This place is very peaceful till now ,its called Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb.Basically belongs to mughal.


A good pair of shoes always compliment your look, I am big fan of these tan oxford shoes.They give a formal look and feeling you get from them when you stand tall is remarkable.

As you might read might previous post ,in which i discuss chino are the most conformable trouser and you can spend weeks in them 🙂

I want you to invest in good watch that last long.Trust me they look good on you and also give depth to your charterer.


I hope you like this post ,Please let me know in comments and I always love to hear from your side.Please stay connect with me for more post on personal style.

Thanks and Love.


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