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Money is very important for all of us. Because we are living in a world where everything comes in exchange of money except the gift of nature i.e., fresh air, the sun, and water. So if it’s about health, going to doctor from a health checkup, buying medicine, education, book, food, shelter and clothes, everything we need to buy in money. So, money is the most important term wherever you go and whatever you do.

People always find a way to earn money but the internet has given us a chance to earn money with small or no investment. There are countless opportunities to earn money online. So today we will discuss some of the common and most popular ways to earn money online.Here we start the list…

1. Sell your photos online

If you have the skill to capture beautiful pictures than you can earn from this hobby. You need to have a good camera and adjust its settings, set the focus and captures beautiful shots. You can sell your images online. There are a lot of websites who gives you a place to sell your images. Shutter stock is one of them.

2. Make money blogging

Blogging is very hit and popular way to earn money online. You just need to create and setup your blog. And fill your blog with interesting and useful contents. A useful content will grab traffic to your blog and advertiser pays to you for placing their ads on your blog.

3. Online survey

There are a lot of sites who are paying you for participating in their survey. Research companies always recruit a new member to answer their survey and testing their new projects. It will just take a couple of minutes and you will be get paid bet $0.20 to 2 for each completed survey.

4. Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is now the world largest market place where you can find many freelancing jobs like social media posting, content writing, logo designing, SEO, image editing and many other tasks that you can complete in shortest time duration. Minimum assign task value starts from 5 dollars but it goes up to 50 dollars or more.

5. Buy and sell Domain Names

A domain name is website address with a lot of extensions (.com, .net,, a domain cost somewhere near to 2 dollars or more with most of the domain registering services. But premium domain names can be fetching 1000 of dollars and even it can be sold in millions. So you need to find the domain names with some commercial value and get them on your name. Further, you can sell this domain with some extra profit.

6. Sell your old CDs and games online

If you have some old but good stock of music, you can sell them online. Believe me, people are found of old music and games. And the best part is that before selling your music CD you can rip their music on in your laptop. You can sell them on Amazon and eBay.

7. Teach online

There are many students who are looking for a teaching aid. You can start teaching them online. As you just need to have a system, a working internet connection, and a webcam to show them tutorials.

8. Get paid with hub pages

A hub page is a great place for the writer to generate money online. Hub pages are very easy to use and anybody with just basic computer skills can use this website and create their own page on the web. And when this page is published other reader will able to read it. You can create as many hubs and enable advertising on them.

9. Sell your skill

If you feel that you possess certain skills, then you can sell them online. Most preferred service people but from online is legal advice, technical advice, medical advice and horoscope advice. There are a lot of skills, so you can try to sell your skill online and earn money from it.

10. Make money from YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform but it also provides a chance to earn money from uploading videos. You can upload a video of people interest, tutorial, DIY projects, health care, cooking, and dancing. Advertiser place advertising before every video or may be on the YouTube page and every click on that advertisement means earning to you. Finding viewers for your YouTube video is not a difficult task as million of viewer daily access to the website. Even there are chances that your video could go viral by overnight.

11. Write an eBook

If you enjoy writing and have a dream to publish your own book, then you can do it easily. You can write a book and sell it online. According to a survey in 2012 eBook earns more than hardcover copy. So, just choose the topic and start writing on it. If readers like your work, then you can earn a handsome income from it. You can sell your eBook online.

12. Get paid to write articles

As the internet is full of lots of blogs, informative site and creative website and every day more new website are entering in the digital world of internet. So every website on the internet needs a writer who can write all the matter on their behalf. It may include informative blogs, promotional contents, and reviews. There are a lot of websites who assign these articles to writers and they pay for each task from 5 dollars to 100 dollars.

13. Facebook, twitter & Instagram: socialize and get moré money

We all are using the above social networking sites and also have lots of followers. There are some marketing companies who can pay you for promoting their products on social media. They work on simple formula as you have a lot of followers mean lots of people get inspiration from and if you promote their products that will definitely boost their sales.

14. Get paid to watch videos

If a website can pay for uploading videos then there are a lot of other who pays for just watching videos. You can easily find a lot of websites who are offering you money for watching videos. Some of them will pay you for actual cash while other may pay in form of gift voucher.

15. Open an online store

You can open your own online store and start selling your product however it would be little costly to all above option but still, it’s cheaper than opening a store in the real marketplace. You can sell garments, cosmetic, grocery, crockery, and gifting item online.

16. Make money from eBay without selling any products

You can make money from eBay as you just need to sign up as an eBay affiliate. You can generate money from other people auctions. You just need to do is to share the link to an auction with your affiliate ID attached. When somebody clicked through this link and buy a product, so you will be get paid commission for its sales.

There are endless ways to earn money online, but you need to have the patience to generate regular income from it. As the internet will not do magic to make you rich overnight. You have to put your continues effort and surely you will get the way to generate regular income with it.

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