The Dark Denim

Dressing up is very important part of our life.But dressing well is all about personal style.You need to think what are in trends and what suits you best.What combinations of cloths you need too wear so that you can speak the language fashion offers.Personal Style is more about fashion and comfort.

Denim shirts are old and timeless piece of fashion.I love wearing them because the muscular feel they give to body and  super attractive looks.Eventually ,You feel super stylish.They make good combination with black chino.I personally love chinos pants because the comfort they give to me is priceless.I can spend months in them if i only have to take one or two cloths with me.

Denim shirt and trouser are cool but if you want to add more style to your looks.Take some accessories  that suits you,i love to wear scarves in summers. I like them in light colors.

THE Dark Denim

Sunglasses, Is the one thing, i never go out with out them ,specially in summer when sun is so high. Because they also protects your eyes and as well as enhance your face value.You can choose according to your face.I will discuss more about sun glasses when i’ll do a special post for sunglasses only.

And most important thing of style is ,keep a genuine smile on your face ,it will add more value to your face.You can take the inspiration from this look if you like.But one thing i can tell you that personal style is all about how comfortable you feeling with your looks and how you carry what are available with you.

I hope you like this post ,Please let me know in comments and i also love to hear from your side.Please stay connect with me for more post on personal style.

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2 thoughts on “The Dark Denim

  • April 30, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Like the idea of wearing chinos in summer,
    Chinos + linen shirt and flip flop or crocs will make you cooler than ever before.

    Thanks for the style mantra!

    • April 30, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      Thanks Nikhil


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